partial discography:

Invariably Falling Forward, Into the Thickets of Closure 3xCD (No Rent Records, US) 2020

End of Defense 2 digital-only (Non-Event, US) 2020

“Maybe” on Psi-Solation: A Global Compilation of Music Made in Lockdown digital-only (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, NZ) 2020

“End of Defense 1” on High Risk of Rainbows and Hair Ribbons: I Got the Corona Virus 19 Blues digital-only (Harsh Reality Music, US) 2020

Something to Do digital-only (Amplify 2020: Quarantine, US) 2020

Fever Song digital-only (no label) 2019

Anathematization of the World Is Not an Adequate Response to the World 2xCDr (Chocolate Monk, UK) 2019

Crossing Parallel: Live in Boston CDr (Hologram Label, US) 2018

Across the Blazer CD (Marginal Frequency, US) 2018

The Crossing (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) cassette (Flag Day Recordings, US) 2018

A Strange Object Covered With Fur Which Breaks Your Heart cassette (No Rent Records, US) 2018

Sun Pass cassette (Moss Archive, US) 2017

“Untitled” on Approach to Fear: Regeneration 3xCDr (Karl Schmidt Verlag, Germany) 2017

Dawn Songs cassette (No Rent Records, US) 2016

The Case Against CD (Monotype Records, Poland) 2016

How To CD (Phage Tapes, US) 2015 

Brayton Point CD (Dokuro, Italy) 2014

Narrow Escape CDr (Obsolete Units, US) 2014

The Impossible Astronaut cassette (NNA Tapes, US) 2013

Mincing Perfect Words 3″CDr (Chondritic Sound, US) 2007

Bond Inlets CD (Intransitive Recordings, US) 2008


HS & Peter Wright Utsuro-bune cassette (Chemical Imbalance, Australia) 2020

HS & Steffan de Turck For Charlie Mopps tape (Steep Gloss, UK) 2020

HS & Neil Campbell Their Crowning Achievement CDr (Chocolate Monk, UK) 2020

HS & Jesse Kenas Collins Untitled digital-only (Distant Duos, US) 2020 

Nerve Net Noise Nests digital-only (no label, US) 2020

HS & Edward Sol Frail Joints digital-only (no label) 2020

HS & Drekka Untitled (Droneuary) digital-only (Silber Media, US) 2020

HS & Campbell Kneale The World May Congratulate Itself That Desire Can Still Be Raised in the Dulled Hearts of Its Citizens By the Rumor of an Emerald – Version 2 digital-only (no label) 2020

HS & Edward Sol Warm Bones reel/CDR boxset (Sentimental Productions, UKR) 2019

HS & Tim Barnes Split cassette (Humanhood Recordings, US) 2019

Stelzer/Murray Commuter tape (Humanhood Recordings, US) 2019

HS & Frans de Waard The Rebels Fold Scratchy, Relaxed Meanings Into Their Smallest Actions cassette (Park 70, US) 2018

Stelzer/Murray Connector cassette (Helen Scarsdale, US) 2017 

HS & Insect Factory Title One CDR (Chocolate Monk, UK) 2017

HS & Frans de Waard Pink Pearl CD (Bocian, Poland) 2013

HS & Joseph Bastardo At Ease cassette (905 Tapes, US) 2014

Swelter Live in Lowell CDr (Tape Drift, US) 2015

HS & David Payne Swelter LP (Cardinal, CA) 2010

view a complete discography here.

selected writing
“It’s Anti-Social to Read These Liner Notes in Public” essay for book that accompanied P16.D4 Passagen 6xCD/DVD box set (Monotype Rec., Poland) 2012 buy
Beer Cocktails book (Harvard Common Press, US) buy

selected performances

Ende Tymes VII Festival of Noise and Experimental Liberation. Silent Barn, Brooklyn, New York NY 2017
Miami International Performance Art Festival. Churchill’s, Miami FL. 2016
First Night Boston. Hynes Convention Center, Boston MA 2011
Kapotte Muziek 25th Anniversary Festival. Extrapool, Nijmegen, The Netherlands 2010
Festival Cable#3. Ateliers De Rue Bitche. Nantes, France 2010
Instants Chavirés. Paris, France 2010
Cave12. Geneva, Switzerland 2010
Dartmouth College Festival of New Music, Dartmouth College, Hanover NH 2008
Phoneme Festival. Circle of Hope/Bowerbird. Philadelphia, PA 2007
Brainwaves Festival. Regent Theater, Arlington MA 2007
Mutek – Le Placard. Juste Pour Rire. Montreal, Quebec, Canada 2005
Intransitive Festival of Electronic Music. Massachusetts College of Art. Boston, MA 2004
Summer Institute of Contemporary Piano Performance. New England Conservatory, Jordan Hall. Boston MA 2004 (with The BSC & Christian Wolff)
High Zero Festival of Improvised Music. Baltimore, MD 2004
Impulse Response. Renssalear Polytechnic Institute. Troy, NY 2003
AvanTronics Festival. BLD Artspace. Columbus OH 2002
Rotterdam International Film Festival. TENT. Rotterdam, The Netherlands 2001
Autumn Uprising Festival of New Music. Institute of Contemporary Art. Boston, MA 2000


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