coming soon!

Coming on October 13! The new album: Invariably Falling Forward, Into the Thickets of Closure, an epic triple-CD set on No Rent Records. This is the major album that’s occupied me for a year and half or so… it sorta picks up where Anathematization… left off, with songlike forms pushed even more in the direction of (gulp) dub, disco, pop tunes and the torrential cassette-scramble typhoons you’ve come to expect. Includes contributions from Windy Weber (Windy & Carl), Peter Hope, Peter Wright, Elisabeth King, Tom Smith, Jeff Barsky/Insect Factory, Sarah Hennies, Audrey Chen, Michael Anderson/Drekka, Antony Milton, Stephen Clover/Seht, Bill Ironfield


out next!

HS & Expose Your Eyes One Should Never Cease Considering Human Love, Which Remains as Grisly and Golden as Ever CD (Oxidation, US)

HS & Peter Wright Utsuro-bune tape (Chemical Imbalance, Australia)


out now! 

HS & Steffan de Turck For Charlie Mopps is out now as a cassette on Steep Gloss. Copies bought direct from the label come with a key (like, the kind you might put into a door or use to open a bottle) that has a unique download code for an additional track.

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