Out Now!

HowardStelzer_FInalMy latest is a succinct little lathe-cut single called Two New Songs For Summer lathe-cut 7″ (Heavy Space, New Zealand) with cover art by Robb Sandagata. It’s a teeny tiny edition of just 20 copies, and ONLY available at my concerts. In other words, I’m not going to mail any of these babies. Your next opportunity will be on August 12th, when I perform a duo set with Brendan Murray at Uncharted Gallery in Lowell, MA.





One thought on “News

  1. Joe Taylor says:

    Hello Howard,

    Caught your craft of Tabs Out when they played some of Normal Bias. Completely hooked by what I experienced. I am currently filming a western film called “The Crossing.” Would be honored to discuss the ambient score that I envision with this project. You can see our trailer here and more info if you are interested:

    Look forward to speaking with you Howard.

    Many Adventures,

    Joe Taylor


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