coming soon!

HS Invariably Falling Forward, Into the Thickets of Closure 3CD (No Rent Records, US) – the massive new album, with contributions from Windy Weber (Windy & Carl), Peter Hope, Peter Wright, Elisabeth King, Tom Smith, Jeff Barsky/Insect Factory, Sarah Hennies, Audrey Chen, Michael Anderson/Drekka, Antony Milton, Stephen Clover/Seht, Bill Ironfield

HS & Steffan de Turck For Charlie Mopps tape (Steep Gloss, UK)

HS & Peter Wright Utsuro-bune tape (Chemical Imbalance, Australia)

HS & Expose Your Eyes One Should Never Cease Considering Human Love, Which Remains as Grisly and Golden as Ever CD (Oxidation, US)

out now! 

Their Crowning Achievement is the long-awaited (by someone, probably) collaborative album by me and the great Neil Campbell… released as a limited, numbered CDr by Chocolate Monk. Also available from my Bandcamp page, if physical objects aren’t your thing.

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