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HS & Tim Barnes Split (Humanhood, US)
HS & Neil Campbell Their Crowning Achievement (Tristes Tropiques, AUS)
HS & Edward Sol Warm Bones (Sentimental, UKR)

My next solo tape composition, Anathematization of the World is Not an Adequate Response to the World, is complete. I have been writing this one for a year or so. It’s an album of songs… sort of. Peter Hope and Richard Youngs sing on a couple of tracks, I sing on a couple of tracks, and some instruments are played by Jesse Kudler, Frans de Waard, Jason Talbot and Le Quan Ninh. Plans for when and how the album will be published are being worked out now.

Summer Sale! 

From June 20th until July 1 2019, everything at is on sale. Use the code “summer19” and get 80% off anything available!

Out Now! 

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 5.52.04 PM


For the past couple of years, I’ve been presenting an “extended film” performance piece called Crossing Parallel at live events. The piece involves live sound for a film by Joe Taylor, director of The Crossing, using music I composed for that film’s soundtrack as a starting point for this new project. Crossing Parallel is intended as a sideways step from that narrative film… all landscape imagery of American southwest, deserts and mountains and sunrises and no people. This album is a recording of my performance of Crossing Parallel at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts/Tufts University in Boston in February, 2018. It’s being issued as a limited edition CDR by the excellent Hologram Label, out of Miami, Florida.


New Album Winter 2019! 

a0410598104_10Stelzer/Murray Commuter cassette available in March 2019 from Humanhood Recordings… digital download available now…  second collaborative album with Brendan Murray!











New Album Fall 2018! 



Howard Stelzer Across the Blazer studio album is available now from Marginal Frequency. An expansive and hyper-dense cassette-music piece in two parts, Across the Blazer was composed and assembled over a couple of years and I couldn’t be happier to get it out into the world. My aim was to write joyful music… a gigantic, room-filling hug of a sound that would drown out the noise and misery and replace it with ecstatic grinning yowl. I’m not sure if I achieved exactly that (some early response has been that it’s claustrophobic and intense… oops), but it’s too late now. Sometimes, music does what it wants to do, separate from what the composer intended. I’m okay with that. Just turn the darn thing up, please.






Friday, October 19th… HS presents “Crossing Parallel” at The Rotunda in Philadelphia, PA. Presented by Bowerbird. This event is free! Information/details are here.

New Album Summer 2018! 

scratchyHoward Stelzer & Frans de Waard The Rebels Fold Scratchy, Relaxed Meanings Into Their Smallest Actions, published by Park 70. The 6th (or maybe 7th?) collaborative album by HS & Frans de Waard (aka Kapotte Muziek, Freiband, QST, Modelbau, and many other names) is out now as a luxurious, limited-edition cassette. The tape comes in a gorgeous letter-press sleeve with letter-press insert and download code.






New Albums Spring 2018!

a3737589424_10The Crossing (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), published by Flag Day Recordings as a limited-edition cassette tape, digital download and full-color book with stills from Joe Taylor’s film and an essay by the composer. Special limited edition includes a vial of red sand from Death Valley and an obsidian arrow head! Or, you can just get the tape. OUT NOW! 








A Strange Object Covered With Fur Which Breaks Your Heart, published by No Rent Records as a limited-edition cassette tape and digital download. OUT NOW!

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